Your day should be spent creating things, finishing projects, or working on your business. Not collecting accounts, or worrying about collecting accounts. The less time you spend chasing down money owed on projects you have already completed, the more time you have to serve other clients, or find new ones. Once we have accepted an account from you, we try our best to keep you out of the rest of the process. We provide monthly updates, and if an account is paying, we provide monthly remittances. Every so often, a client is needed to accept a payment agreement, or to testify in court, but these are the rare occasions.


We understand that the success of your business is based on your reputation. We also realize that it is easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. This is why we take a different approach to collections. It is our experience that we get more done with a kind but firm attitude. We know that your customers generally want to pay, and we are here to help you facilitate that. But you shouldn’t have to keep track of payment plans, garnishments, liens, or levies. You can leave that to the professionals.


Is this method of collecting effective? We cannot guarantee that you will recover 100% of what you are owed. In fact, sometimes you will not recover anything. But our firm has been recovering past-due accounts of our clients for over fifteen years. What we offer is not only the ability to recover monies that are owed, but the peace of mind that comes with having a plan for your stalled cash-flow. Keep in mind, however, that this is rarely an immediate process. But a judgment in the State of Tennessee can last for ten years, and it can accrue interest. We generally don’t stop attempting to collect until the judgment is satisfied, settled, discharged, or otherwise disposed of.

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