At The Glaser Firm P.C., we understand that you run your business, not a debt recovery company. You don’t have the time to deal with overdue accounts receivable, and let’s face it, that’s not the fun part of your job. However, we also understand that cash flow issues are a greater problem for small businesses than lack of customers, clients, or sales ever could be. You should concentrate on your business. We collect so you don’t have to.

A different kind of Collections

The Glaser Firm, P.C. will act on your behalf to collect on past due accounts while keeping your customer relationship in mind. We do not attempt to collect by calling or harassing your customers. Once we have agreed to help recover money owed to your business, we first send a simple letter from our law office, reminding your customer of the obligation and offer them the opportunity to rectify the situation without involving the court system. If there is no response, or if you customer declines, we will then pursue a judgment in court for the amount owed.

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A Different Kind of Firm

The Glaser Firm, P.C. is dedicated to representing the collection and recovery needs of businesses, small and large. We are not a Collection Agency. We represent Creditors who have outstanding accounts receivable and try to resolve these debts as reasonably and efficiently as possible. We appear in ALL Tennessee counties from Mountain City to Memphis in General Sessions and in Circuit Court.

Our goal is to help you avoid litigation, and to help you understand best-practices related to your accounts receivable. We want to help you help yourself – by making a plan.

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