At The Glaser Firm, P.C., we want you to have a plan for your Accounts Receivable, not just a vague notion of how to approach your past-due customers and clients. We don’t want you to just use our resources after the fact, we want to help you set yourself up for success.

— Zack Glaser, Owner

Our Practice

Statewide Collections

The Glaser Firm, P.C. represents small-businesses and creditors in all 95 counties of Tennessee. From Mountain City, to Memphis, Anderson County, to Washington County, we can initiate your civil proceedings, represent you in court, and pursue your interests through garnishment, lien, levy, or other form of court order. Our office keeps a schedule whereby we can have an attorney appear in court in any county on regular intervals in order to give us the opportunity to provide quick resolution of our clients’ accounts.

Professional Service

We understand that simply assuring you that your matter is being taken care of is not enough. Once your matter is turned over to us for collections, we offer monthly updates, a web-portal to access your account, and regular remittances of payments that have been made to our office. We are also happy to meet with our clients via phone, video-conference, email, or in person at one of our two office locations. As soon as your account is turned over to our office, one of our attorneys is specifically assigned to review your matter and orchestrate the pursuit of its collection.

Our Team

Experienced Attorneys

Each of our attorneys has negotiated with, litigated against, and facilitated repayment of accounts with thousands of debtors, consumers, and their attorneys. Each is well versed in the current laws related to the debtor/creditor relationship, and they operate in a manner compliant with these at all times. Our office is not a collections agency, and we do not act as such. We are prepared to take every case to trial, but are happy when we can work them out to your satisfaction without the need for litigation.

We have been continuously operating a creditors’ rights practice for over 15 years. Our clients include landlords, car dealerships, doctors, flower shops, banks, construction contractors, lawn-care companies, attorneys, insurance carriers, various retail stores, and all manner of service providers. Some of these clients have turned over thousands of accounts for collections, while others simply need help on one specific debt. No matter which client you are, our Attorneys can help you.

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Zack Glaser
Legal Technology

Steven F. Glaser
Managing Attorney